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03/31/09 11:40 PM #117    

Michelle Owens

Wassup, Merna Dester! So glad you're here! We better get to see you guys soon!

04/01/09 12:11 AM #118    

Mary Esther Fernandez

You know Mitzi I've thought of you too through out the years, my mother as well asks about you. You know its funny how we live so close to each other and we've never bumped into each other!

That goes for you too Michelle, my parents live in Red Oak so I'm in that part of town a lot....and you don't visit you don't!

As for the reunion as far as I know, Billy and I will be there with bells on!

Merna Dester.....I haven't heard that in a while....brings back memories(sniff...sniff)!

04/11/09 03:44 PM #119    

Angela Arie (Conrad)

Hey Mary Esther, how in the world are you? I have thought about you a lot and wondering how you are? You have got to get some pics up soon, I am dying to see if you still have that long gorgeous hair or if you have gone for a shorter look. By the way, I know Tricia Usery didn't graduate with us, but you lived across the street from her for a while, do you know what happened to her? I haven't talked to her since she moved, but I think about her sometimes. She was like you and had beautiful long hair. Bye for now, glad you joined the site! :)

04/18/09 03:03 PM #120    

Mary Esther Fernandez

Hey Angie baby!

I am doing well thank you for asking! Yea Tricia got married when we were still in high school! She's got two kids and she lives in Glenn Heights today with her husband! It's been a while since I've seen her, but mom bumped into her a while ago and brought me up to speed!

As for me well my hair isn't as long as it use to be, its been about 12 years since I had it really long, I really don't care for the short cuts so I keep it about shoulder length now. I'll try to put some pictures up if I can find any I!

It was great hearing from you. Take care and hope to see you soon!

06/07/09 10:36 PM #121    

Kathy Wade (Mastrone)

Hi Angie. Finally got to see the movie Fireproof. I must say it was really good. i enjoyed it more than i thought i would.

06/08/09 07:58 PM #122    

Angela Arie (Conrad)

Kathy, glad you enjoyed it! I own it and absolutely love it!

06/08/09 08:00 PM #123    

Angela Arie (Conrad)


06/13/09 01:47 AM #124    

Angela Arie (Conrad)

OK all you other classmates! Where were you guys tonight? Got to see a lot of old friends and would love to see the rest of you. So get those lazy backsides out of bed and go to the memorial and picnic tomorrow morning. It isn't too late to go tomorrow night either, but it will cost $50 cash at the door. So if you were thinking of coming, come on and join the walk down memory lane and make some new ones in the process.

06/13/09 02:15 PM #125    

Kathy Wade (Mastrone)

Hi every one sorry i didn't make it last night or today for the memorial or the picnic was really looking forward to seeing every one but duty called at work hope to be able to still talk to every one thru here and any one can call me any time to catch up Kathy

06/14/09 09:04 AM #126    

Rebecca Hinton (Wilson)

Next reunion I vote we have it in an ice skating rink!!! I melted at the park! It was worth it to see everyone again though!

06/14/09 09:23 AM #127    

Beverly Powell

Hey just wanted to say thanks to Michelle for all the hard work setting up the reunion weekend. Thanks!

06/14/09 03:44 PM #128    

Julie Hays (Cooper)

To all that were involved in the planning, organizing & dedication of the memorial, what an excellent job that you did!! It was a lovely way to remember these lives that we lost and I think all were touched by the ceremony. Thank you for your time and dedication!

06/14/09 04:00 PM #129    

Russell Justus

Great to see so many folks at the Reunion. Tammy and I enjoyed the chance to reminisce and catch up with you as well.

06/15/09 08:58 PM #130    

Jenell Wilson (Arnold)

Hi Everyone! Well the day came and went and I missed everyone. Curt's mother was in the hospital, she has lung cancer, but is doing well now. As I know you all can understand sometimes you just have to put your priorities in line and forgo the fun.

I can't wait to see the pictures from the reunion. Everyone post all you can. I hope it's not 10 more years before the next reunion. Maybe our class should plan on a yearly picnic for the entire family so (Hopefully) everyone can stay in contact. Eitherway, I hope this site stays active.

You all played an important part in my life one way or another and I hope you are all happy and blessed in your lives today. Everyone please be safe and God's blessings to you all. I hope to hear from you all soon.

Jenell Wilson-Arnold

06/15/09 09:23 PM #131    

Mandy Harville (Allen)

I was so glad to see everyone that came to the events this weekend! I hope to see the rest of you at the next one!
Thanks Michelle for working so hard! You did a wonderful job.

06/16/09 12:25 PM #132    

Roland Leal

Well, I should be working, but seeing so many old friends at the reunion has me engrossed in reading everyone's profiles. Many thanks to Michelle and everyone that helped with the reunion events. Great job. As for those of you who I didn't see at the reunion, (or if I missed you I am sorry I didn't say "Hi"), I hope that you are all doing well and that life offers another opportunity for us to cross paths again. I've been very blessed in so many ways in my life and some of my fondest memories were spent in the hallways of old Elsie Robertson High....God bless you all and keep you safe....Rolando

06/16/09 12:51 PM #133    

Angela Arie (Conrad)

Michelle and the rest of the committee,
Thanks so much for the hard work planning the reunion weekend! It was so good to see everyone! Twenty years is too long! I hope we can get together more often and I can make it for the next reunion too. Let's do something more low key, maybe a potluck at the school or the community center. Have a great rest of the week! Hope more people can make the next one!

06/17/09 11:23 AM #134    

Jim Seekings

The pictures of the memorial looked first class all the way. The field party and reunion looked to be a blast. Thanks to all who cooridnated and donated their time to make this possible. Proud to be the class of '89! I will make it a priority to attend the next one whenever it may be. Until our paths cross again, be safe and full of good cheer.

06/29/09 02:55 PM #135    

Elizabeth Shelton (Durbin)

It was so glad to see many of you at the reunion. I missed the field party and missed seeing alot of you there. Many thanks to Michelle, Mandy, Kelly etc. for planning such a memorable and wonderful weekend. I also enjoyed the Ad on the front cover of the Dallas Morning News, it was GREAT!

08/15/09 08:01 AM #136    

Angela Arie (Conrad)

Hey everyone! Just thought I would pass on some exciting news! We are about to be on contract for a wonderful house in Bowling Green. We actually live in Smiths Grove, KY, but Bowling Green is about 15 minutes south and is where we do all our big shopping and where we attend services! We love our little "Mayberry" town, but we needed a bigger place and since my folks decided they want to move into BG too, we were able to look in Bowling Green as well. The place we are going to get is lovely and has a pool! Yea for us! Now we have to sell ours! Yikes! Houses are going pretty good here, but I am still a little nervous! The kids also have to change school and that is bitter sweet. We love our school and it is like home to us. I am sure we will shed some tears on the last day at our school. At least the one we are going to is spoken well of by everyone who comments on it. We are hoping to close in 30 days, so the next month will be crazy and then we have to get this one ready to sell. Hope everyone is having a great start to their kids school year, and if you don't have kids, I hope everything is going well in your life. Look to the Lord as he is always there for those that follow Him.

08/21/09 11:15 AM #137    

Angela Arie (Conrad)

Hey everyone! I just talked to a blast from the past that we went to high school with. He isn't on the list, but I hope some of you will remember him. His name is Christopher Pace. He drove a yellow moped when Bo and I had ours. Then he has a jeep. He had blonde hair and was kinda to himself. He left Lancaster and graduated from another school, and then went into the military. He is retired from the military and unfortunately was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 2 yrs ago. He is very upbeat and positive about his life and I enjoyed talking to him. I hope he will join our site and some of the rest of you will remember him too. BTW, we are getting closer to closing on the house. All the inspections are done and we are waiting on the bank to get all the paperwork done. Have a great day everyone!

08/21/09 05:17 PM #138    

Michelle Owens

Congrats on your new home-it sounds fun! And welcome to Christopher Pace-we're glad to have you!

08/21/09 07:36 PM #139    

Christopher Pace

Hey yall..

Today certainly has brought back some Lancaster memories, what a good place to grow up, THEN. Anyway, I am not sure if anyone remembers me, I was friends with Thurman Selman, Angie, Bo, Sean Horne.. etc.. I kept to myself, most of you thought I was a geek. fortunately I did not turn out that way, Sorry I missed the reunion, would have been nice to see some of yall.

Anyway, what a good day talking to angie.

Christopher Pace

10/09/09 11:27 AM #140    

Thurman Selman


I'm glad to see you are online. Send me a message sometime and we can catch up on old times. The memorial looks really great. Sorry I wasn't able to make the reunion but maybe next time. I'm looking at being down there around the holidays.

05/08/14 04:41 AM #141    

Sabrina Jordan

Hello to everyone!  Thanks Michelle O. for all you are doing to keep us connected.

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